War Hero Revisited

        We should be ashamed of our military. No, not in the vein of ‘You should be ashamed of yourself, Soldier,’ but in the sense that this ought be our philosophical and social attitude concerning our military, shame for our humankind having wars, harming one another, needing to be at arms. Until we get off […]

A Nation’s Head Injury

                Concerning the uproar over the NFL running back caught on camera abusing his wife:        As a nation we have a personality and ours in this moment is the personality of sharks going at a school of bloody blue whales and stimulated to the hilt by the feeding! And if we’re feeding […]

Rosh Hashana 5774

                                          Rosh Hashana 5774           Alas, the Hebrew people, led by Judge Devorah and General Barak are at war with the Canaanites. Devorah’s attendants tell her that the Canaanite General, Sisera, is busy plundering […]

Needing An Early New Year

       Concerning the Boston Marathon bombing, my daughter recently sent me an anonymous mother’s comment: ‘I have a son, and regardless of what he’d done, it would kill me to think of him terrified, bleeding, vulnerable and at the end of any promise in his life.’        My mind flashed to a story […]


         Well, what if instead of the media frenzy–like an explosion with all kinds of debris flying around, a surreal continuation of those explosions–what if instead of the media whirlwind we’re getting in these first forty-eight hours since the tragic bombing at the Marathon, the reporters–such important representatives of our culture–very respectively […]

Tis the Season Past

        {continued from Tis the Season: Perspectives on our modern market from gift-giving economies}         Our earliest economic system, one we inherited from our hominid ancestors was an adaption to our needing to be able to effectively scavenge the carcasses of recently killed large mammals, since we lacked the ability […]

Women in Combat

                Look how low we’ve come.         Is a reader preparing to hear a screed on female inadequency for tough fighting?  Or a complaint concerning those who would deny women employment opportunity in our modern day and age?        No, not from me.  My low is that in all the talk, I’ve yet […]


       I don’t want to “get off” on Lance Armstrong’s fall.  I no longer admire, but I don’t revile him.  He confessed.        Look, the last American philosopher who had a public following, Josiah Royce, back in the days when we yet sought substantial lectures and papers, had a “proof of God” figured […]