A Nation’s Head Injury



       Concerning the uproar over the NFL running back caught on camera abusing his wife:

       As a nation we have a personality and ours in this moment is the personality of sharks going at a school of bloody blue whales and stimulated to the hilt by the feeding! And if we’re feeding off their meat, make no mistake, we’re also feeding ourselves psychologically in this neat frame of bad guy there and me here. For all the sincere intoning, might there be a chance we’ve lost a sense of real sincerity, true caring?

       I’m not a Christian, but I generally sense the type of personality being pointed at when I hear someone say in a positive way, ‘A Christian Nation,’ and what we’ve been seeing ain’t. What might be? Yes, there is a fault to be seen and highlighted. So, what are we doing to help those who’ve offended as well as to protect those who’ve been abused. We need to assume responsibility, and leave the ‘I am better-than-those-butholes’ mentality out. They need help, the women and children need to be kept close to our caring.

       When we instantiate a justice system with a human face, we hope that in some part when we come to judge another we will say, ‘That’s me,’ identifying our own self with others, so our thinking doesn’t get stuck on how to punish, incarcerate, ban as much as involving the offender in educational programs, psychologically astute for the sake of the restitution of mind and soul. Wouldn’t you want that? Not to be excised but restored, healed!  A good society would have such educational scenes in place, would have devoted a great deal to making such measures as deeply, spiritually, emotionally helpful as possible.

       If there is anything controversial about this it ought be the fact that I am suggesting a government branch that has many many more well-trained workers involved, suggesting a society with fewer employed at hawking jobs and more directly involved in helping each other, the kind of work of such a justice system’ educational programming. By the way, effective educational programs are not punitive, but engaging.

       What has been lacking is the justice system assigning, sentencing the offenders to such needed help… though I suspect such excellent programming doesn’t exist either.

       And for the women and children, we again need robust programs where these dear souls will be part of a social services program that is involved daily and not just with clipboards. This too if done well is done in a way where the service is not experienced as interference and a burden, but our friendship, for those employed in this way become our hands and our voices saying, ‘We care for you.’ Such voices addressed to the wives and children haven’t been much talked about much less heard during the frenzy of the shark’s feeding.

       And needless to say, what I am talking about ought go for each and every case of abuse we know of. If there is any possible good that might come from our culture of idols, it would be that they key us into greater concerns, not just Mr. Rice or Mr. Peterson, but all the wife-beaters and child-abusers, because this is a problem we have and have not really addressed. My opinion is that we take all this recent controversy as drive for raising features in our society capable of addressing the issues of abuse substantially, deeply, and with an eye to healing and safekeeping, not strapping ‘em onto the rack.

       I’m not a Christian, but if being a Christian nation means we care for all of us and see that I am as much you as me… and desire for all of us to be cared for and helped to reclaim our better selves, well I’m in. And that ‘you’ who I am as much as myself, well it’s the wife and the husband, the child and the father. Sadly, as of now, I’m part of the crowd in Dickens Great Expectations taking a holiday to see Magwitch and the husband and the father hung, and pass the drumstick and biscuit.

                                   Robert Minder


       P.S. Of course you are going to say, ‘My bets on the table, can those guys play? And what of their millions?’

       I dunno. Maybe the courts ought to decide. Maybe the NFL oughta, but if in the spirit of the justice of a nation, they’d decide while wearing a human face and not sharks, and a human face that reserves the words Banned Forever for the very extreme few.


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